May 5th 2019

Hey peeps, how’s it going? On my end, it's been a pretty exciting week. I shared some of my money story with a fellow podcaster who’s writing a book for women to live their best financial life. Now, I know that probably doesn’t sound too scary but for me, because of what I’ve experienced, sharing anything personal makes me anxious but like I told my therapist, like I told my friend and like I’m telling you, I’m ready to live my life free of secrets because I want to know you and I want you to know me. So, that means, being brave and knocking down those walls, no matter how scary it is.

In terms of the podcast, this month’s theme will be the Business Travel Expense. New episode dropping on the last Friday of the month, May 31st, but I’ll be releasing weekly tax tips on Tuesdays specific to the Business Travel Expense so make sure you tune in.

Now, I have a few special shout-outs:

  • First, Congratulations to the WOC Podcasters group. They celebrated their first anniversary this May, and if you remember from the relaunch this powerful group of women are a huge part of the reason I was able to muster the energy to get back on track with the PodCast. They were there to encourage when I was uncertain, to advise when I was lost and to offer perspective when my progress seemed too slow. I am forever grateful to this powerful group of podcasters. I’ll put the link to their website if you’re interested in what the group’s all about.

  • My next shout out goes to the friends and family who’ve supported me by interacting with my posts. I know it may seem silly but to me, every time I see a like or a share or a heart, it reminds me that my peeps have my back. Even if you never listen to my podcast, and trust me its okay if you don’t, the fact that you’re showing your support is invaluable. Special shout out to Holly, Kenia, Lorein, Michy, Dominique who’ve interacted with my posts on FB this past week. Love you ladies!

  • I also want to thank Susy for coming through on the best birthday cake I’ve ever tasted. I’ll put a picture of it in the comments because I’m really excited about how it was decorated and I think you need to see her art.

  • AND, special birthday shout-out to my sis. She is the most amazing person I’ve met with the biggest heart ever and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. Happy Birthday Sis!

I also want to give a special shout-out to all my peeps who’ve been listening to the PodCast, and the list is pretty extensive, so stay tuned because on Thursday I’ll post a special “thank you” dedicated to my listeners.

Ok...gotta go. I still have some adulting to do but I’m so glad we got to catch up. Talk to you later, bye!

Wendy Uken